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Kevin Steele has served as the District Attorney of Montgomery County since 2016. During his tenure, the DA’s team has been smart about addressing crime, guns and reforming our system of justice. Kevin has been steadfast in taking a balanced approach of holding violent criminals accountable while giving deserving non-violent offenders a second chance through diversionary programs and treatment courts.

Along with leading his team of approximately 155 prosecutors, detectives and staff, Kevin continues to personally prosecute cases in court. He recently prosecuted two relationship/domestic violence murders to guilty verdicts and life sentences in Commonwealth v. Nicholas Forman and Commonwealth v. Freddy Mandietta Pando, as well as the Norristown Farm Park rapist Mason Hall, who was sentenced to 13 to 32 years in prison for the daytime gunpoint rape. These are just a few of the thousands of cases the career prosecutor has successfully prosecuted in his 30 years in court. His prosecutions have involved all types of charges: homicide, drug trafficking, robberies, firearms offenses, sexual assaults and many others. In 2019, he was recognized for his trial advocacy skills by being inducted into the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers.



Widely recognized for his work and efforts in areas like victim rights and domestic violence, Kevin has been honored with many awards, including the 2019 Pennsylvania Governor’s Pathfinder Award for his commitment to victims and victim services and the 2022 Advocacy and Resiliency Award from the Jordan Center for Children of Trauma and Domestic Violence Education. 

Kevin lives in Lower Merion Township with his wife, Tracy and their three children: two daughters in college and a 12-year-old son. They also have a red Labrador retriever named Beau.


In the last seven years, DA Steele and his team have strategically focused on: A) homicides; B) illegal guns on our streets: ghost guns and gun traffickers putting deadly weapons in the hands of criminals; C) drug traffickers who are killing people by peddling their deadly poisons like fentanyl and other drugs; and D) those who cause harm to women and children. We face these and other challenges head on: 

Homicides: During my tenure as District Attorney, the county’s annual number of homicides has not increased, and we have solved 96% of our homicide cases during my tenure—while the national average is a solve rate of about 66%.

Illegal Guns: I focused our Violent Crime Detectives on the root of the gun problem and led the way in our region by forming a collaborative task force made up of county, regional, state and federal partners to get illegal guns off our streets.  

Drugs and Overdose Deaths: We have bucked the national trend of rising drug overdose deaths through collaborative efforts to address the many facets of this epidemic. 

Crimes Against Women and Children: Where the collateral consequences of COVID led to increases in spousal and child abuse, we worked closely with our entire law enforcement community and our victim agency partners to save lives and protect the futures of our most vulnerable.



Thank you for your confidence and support. I am honored to serve the public alongside the men and women of the DA's office and our law enforcement community as the District Attorney of Montgomery County.
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